Choreography & Coaching


Toby Towson has many years of successful coaching experience in gymnastics and dance at all levels from beginner to elite.
He offers clinics, dance and acrobatic technique classes, personal coaching, and original or brush-up choreography for individuals or groups.

For special occasions, he can perform a short version of the Alphabet Dancer to classical music, and also has a repertory of solo acrobatic dances to share.

*Fees are negotiable for smaller projects.

Fees for Private gymnastic Schools

  •  One day: $300
  • Two days: $500
  • Three days: $650
  • Four days: $800

(Plus Expenses)


Assembly Program from veteran teacher


The show includes poetry, singing, dancing and basic acrobatics like cartwheels, headstands, and handstands. Students are encouraged to make the letter shapes themselves and to spell their own name with their body. This school assembly program is a delightful combination of reading, writing, arts, and physical education.

  • Grade level(s): K - 3
  • Approx. runtime: 35 - 40 mins.
  • Single: $300
  • Back to Back: $400
  • Show & Workshop: $400